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Mystery hare deaths prompt concern
16th October 2018
Deaths could be down to species jump of myxomatosis
Link between Alabama rot and amphibian disease
15th October 2018
Fish vet continues to explore possible cause of CRGV
Study suggests Alabama Rot may be seasonal
12th October 2018
Findings will help researchers explore possible triggers for the disease
Leg lesions in garden birds peak during winter - study
11th October 2018
Virus and mites identified as source of the lesions
Horses still struggling with skin problems - survey
11th October 2018
Blue Cross and BEVA publish results of 2018 equine health survey
Hero assistance dog to receive prestigious award
11th October 2018
Golden retriever Ralph named IFAW's Animal of the Year
Scientists ID gene mutation responsible for blue eyes
9th October 2018
Genetic variant is particularly prevalent in Siberian huskies
Frogs may be able to co-exist with chytrid fungus - study
9th October 2018
Scientists say infected and uninfected frogs survive at nearly the same rates
Brexit trade deals 'biggest risk to animal welfare'
8th October 2018
Expert panel says imports must meet UK's high welfare standards
BVA issues warning not to rescue dogs from abroad
7th September 2018
Survey reveals vets' concerns over imported exotic diseases
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